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About Get Your Glow

Hi, my name is Melissa Nantais. I have loved skincare, well, pretty much always! I graduated from cosmetology school in 1987. I learned pretty quickly that my love was for skincare, not hair! I was extremely blessed to instruct an esthetics class for about 6 years and it always brings me joy to share the knowledge with you so you have the tools you need with your own specific conditions. Over the years I have worked with many skin care lines and have studied many treatments. I believe you need to know what the treatments are and why we are doing them!


Do you know the saying, when one door closes another one opens? Well, Get Your Glow is that open door that I wasn't expecting! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have a beautiful space to share with all of you! Get Your Glow has a timeless, inviting, unmistakable energy that you will feel when you visit! It is a place I share with all of you to rejuvenate your spirit and your skin! 


We are extremely lucky to have the vast advancements that we do today; treatments and products that truly make a difference! 

Everyone is so unique and different, no two treatments are ever exactly the same. I strive to listen to you and what you want to work on. My approach is "less is more", but when "more" is needed we can kick it up a notch and combine modalities and products to make a difference that you feel and a glow that you see! 

I thank each and every one of you that comes in to see me at Get Your Glow! I encourage everyone to come in and experience first hand what informative, effective skincare is! 

With Love,

Melissa Nantais LE

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